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Finding Joy in the Darkness

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

Where do you find light in your everyday life?

Today I had a surreal moment in a drive thru. Yes, you heard correctly!

I was ordering a latte made of chocolate goodness and the most joyful voice came across the speaker to greet me with what I can only describe as a smile that I could hear all the way to my core!

Wow! I was being served up a latte by Snow White! (Or at least that's what she sounded like to me at the time)

What a way to start my day!

It turns out that Snow White was NOT at the window when I came around to pay, but a young woman in her twenties with a beautiful smile and joy beaming off her face. She had full toothy smile, light blue nails and eyes as bright as the sun!

The young girl's name was Brianne, as noted by her Dunkin Donuts name tag.

I thought to myself, how in the world is this girl so happy about working the drive thru?

Now, I consider myself an optimist and a pretty happy human overall. I found myself engaging with her immediately, plastering a smile across my face and bantering with the young woman about her outstanding greeting and the day ahead.

What struck me as different about this experience was how she chose to spend her moments. We each get a finite number of moments in life...WE choose how we live them.

As I pulled out I reflected on the last few years of my life and the complete chaos and shit I had been handed. Kind of like poor Brianne working the drive thru. Who the hell could be happy doing that job I wondered? Rude people, low pay and the hours must suck. She clearly didn't see it that way. She was living with an attitude of GRATITUDE. How smart of her to figure that out so early in life!

I also took a moment to take inventory on how I have managed to remain a believer in love and happiness with all the darkness that seems to find its way to my doorstep of recent times.

The truth is, I think some days I chose the darker places. It is my belief that enduring the pain life gives us, equips each of us the ability to love deeper and feel joy in a way that we may not have otherwise.

It hurts deeply when someone we love decides we are not worth their effort or when a someone you thought was a friend turns out not to be.

Instances of pain comes in many forms for many people.

Life provides each of us with people and situations that are meant to carve out the perfect version of us. We may not see the value at the time, but that doesn't make the experience any less valuable.

I think moving forward, I am going to make sure that when life feels a bit dark, I am going to focus on a smile in my words...and a joy that all others can see in my eyes...just like the young women in the Drive Thru...and MAYBE, just maybe...those dark moments will start to feel a bit more like life's little gifts to ME.

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